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This News Section is new. Here I can help keep you informed of exciting things happening here

This is new. I actually completed the programming for this back in January. I knew it was something that was needed, but I wasn’t sure about exactly how it’d be used at that time. So it’s sat unlinked until now.

One of the VIPs from one of my other sites recommended that I added this feature here. At the other site, we had a section called “The Wall”. It was a scrollable wall which I would post news items to keep everyone updated about some of the interesting things going on. It was a very popular feature.

This News section will be used the same way that was. I’ll add additional features as I think of them or as they are requested by you. I was just now thinking it might be neat for you to have the ability to post pictures.

You can leave comments. Be aware, your User Name and your Fan ID# will show next to your comments. No other private information will be shown. If you’ve added your picture to your profile, that will not show. Pictures on your profile only show to the girls when you are privately chatting with them.

Your User Name you can change. That’s why I decided to add the Fan IDs because you can select any user name, even if it’s a user name someone else has. Many people like to use their first name as their user names, and many people share the same first name. So, ID#s are used to tell everyone apart.

It will also show your Level when posting a message. You can click the Contribution link to find out more about the different levels.

Only people logged in will be able to see the comments. Everyone is encouraged to post comments and questions.

These News items are more a place for users to read about what’s going on and leave comments. I doubt the girls at this site will be in here much reading things. They might be, but I doubt most will put the effort in. If you want to communicate with them, just send them a message using the Chat. You can also leave comments on their Blog pictures as that also posts to their Chat windows. This News section does not. I might change that, but with the frequency of comments I expect, and the wide ranging comments, I doubt the girls will want all this in their Chat windows. But we will see, I might change things.

On the front page of the News section, you can read the title and if there are any comments, it’ll show you how many comments there are.

You can use the Filter box at the top to show only those posts which match the words you type into the filter box. So… if you want to find topics involving Kannikar, you’d just type her name into the filter box. This will be helpful when days progress and there are a lot of news items.

News items about a specific girl will usually also have a link to her Profile, Blog tab, and often a specific blog which the preview picture was taken from. That way you can quickly get to her profile, blog section, or that specific blog post. There will also be other useful information about the girl like her age, height, weight, nationality, where she lives, etc…

General news items (anything not about a specific girl) will be similar except no link to any profile or blog.

At the bottom of the page will be comments if anyone left any. Leave some interesting comments!

If you are one of the rare VIPs of this site, please be aware that other users do not have access to everything you have access to. And as such, I recommend being more careful about some things you might say which might be confusing to others who can not see all the pages you can. And, if you are not a VIP and want to know what all this is about, sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about!

Stay tuned as there will be some interesting topics coming up!

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This News Section is new. Here I can help keep you informed of exciting things happening here