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Joys income matching ending and new plan beginning


Joy’s matching income plan comes to an end this month. It’s worked out great for her. I was thinking about asking if anyone else was interested in taking that over, but I have what I think is a better idea.

Joy was posting almost daily, but I noticed that she wasn’t getting many hearts. Most of her posts received no hearts at all. People didn’t seem to like them. Yet when she posted more interesting Section 2 (Pay To View) and Section 3 (Pay More) photos and videos, she received hearts every time. Yet, she seldomly posted those types of posts.

I suggested over and over again for her to post more interesting content, but for some reason she seldom did. I suspected that the waiting for the hearts was the issue. So, I came up with a new idea for immediate reinforcement. I started giving her 500 baht immediately anytime she posted a more interesting post. I’d then deduct off the first 500 baht from that post IF it earned that amount.

It worked. As you can see. She’s posting A LOT of very very good blog posts now. Her posts are getting a lot more hearts also, but most are still not getting enough for me to get my money back. So, you can help both Joy and me by just taking a look at what she’s posting. Send hearts if you like what she’s posting and want to see more. She really needs the money because of her health issues. And I would really appreciate getting my money back!

That’s just 25 hearts per post. Only 5 people sending 5 hearts will do it. And you will be greatly rewarded, just send 5 hearts on her post for today and you’ll see what I mean.

You can see more pictures and information from this blog post on Joy's personal site / Blog tab / Blog entry for this date.

Blog Location:

Asian Girl's Name: Joy
Age: 29
Height: 165 cm | 5'5
Weight: 43 kg | 95 lbs
Beast Cup Size: A
Shoe Size: 38
Nationality: Thai
Country: Thailand
Town: Udon Thani

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Joys income matching ending and new plan beginning
Udon Thani Thailand