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New Design Sections Explained

I should probably explain the new design sections and how they operate. I also did this for the girls yesterday so they know how to take full advantage of them.

This first section is only viewable when you are logged into the site. This will show any of the girls you have added to your Favorites list.

You can add them by going to the girls profile pages, and clicking the blue bookmark icon located at the top right of her profile picture. This icon will display as an empty icon if the girl has not been added, and a solid icon if she is added.

The girls can see who has added them to their Favorites. They can NOT see everyone you add, but they can see that you added them. I like this ability as it helps the girls know who might be interested in them. Some girls might prepare something special for fans who have added them to their Favorites list. Yet, if this ability of the girls knowing is a concern to you, speak up. I’m not thinking about changing it, but if enough of you fans have a concern about this I will.

Favorites are sorted in order by when they last updated their blogs

Online Now:
This will show only the girls who are online now. They will also be highlighted with a green border. This green border will also be around all the pictures in any of the sections if the girl is currently online.

Currently online means that the girl has done something inside their WebApp within the last 30 minutes or so. There are many things for them to do inside their WebApp so she might not necessarily be answering messages. So don’t feel too bad if she doesn’t immediately answer your messages. It doesn’t mean she’s talking to someone else. She could have exited the app within the last 30 minutes or she could be doing something else inside the app.

You can also find out when the girl was last online by looking at the About page of their profiles. I’ve added a new field there which will tell you when the girl was last inside the WebApp.

Picture Blog Updated Recently:
This section will show the girls who have updated their blogs within the last 2 days. I had it set at first to show only Today and Yesterday, but immediately after midnight 1/2 of those would drop off. I also think it’s more reasonable for the girls to be expected to update at least every other day, and at that pace, she will drop off after midnight on the odd days. So, expanding it to Today, Yesterday, and 2 days ago solves this.

There is some slight logic issue which I’ll solve just as soon as I can get my head wrapped around what is happening. I’ve noticed that the order is appearing to be either Today, Yesterday, and 2 days ago or Yesterday and 1 days ago which is wrong. I’ll figure it out eventually. It might have something to do with the blogs don’t change date until 04:00 as that is the best time for the day to end. Anything posted before 04:00 means the girl hasn’t yet finished her day and she’s still up. Anything posted after 04:00 probably means she’s gone to bed and is starting a new day. This MIGHT have something to do with the issue but not sure yet.

At the bottom of this section, you’ll see a button which will display ALL the girls in order of when they last updated their blogs. This is the only way to find girls who would not fit into any of the sections we are going over—she hasn’t updated in awhile, isn’t online now, etc…

If you are not logged in to the site, this button will just trigger the Sign In window. Only way to see everyone we have listed is to Log In.

This section is for featuring someone. At the moment the site is coded to display only Joy since we want to help her because of her medical condition and inability to hold down a real job to take care of herself. I might update the code later to rotate through different girls if needed. At the moment, Joy is the only one I think that should be featured.

Hot & Trending:
This section lists the girls who seem to be hot or trending. In reality, I select these girls based upon those I know are posting regularly and posting more interesting blog posts that I think you should take a look at if you haven’t already. If you think I missed someone who is posting interesting posts, just let me know as I don’t have time to look at everyone’s posts to see everyone who might be posting interesting blog posts.

This section is sorted in order by the amount of virtual hearts they received which is a clear indication of how popular they are.

Newest Asian Friends:
These are the girls who have joined the site recently. At the moment, I have it set for the last 3 months since I took a pause on adding new girls for awhile. But there are some girls waiting to be added. Eventually I might reduce this down to the last 30 days.

They are listed in order by when they joined.

Buy me a drink:
These are girls who are available for you to buy a real drink. Either coffee or an alcoholic drink. The girls select which they prefer and if they want to offer this.

Prices are listed for the drinks. The prices are the REAL cost of the drink, but when you do buy them, a 20 baht service fee will be added to that.

These are listed in order by how many drinks they’ve gotten for the month.

Last section I can’t mention here as it’s only displayed for those VIP users. Please do not talk about this section in the comments as most customers aren’t aware of this section, but I will mention that “unknown” has proven to be confusing to some and what it means is that it’s unknown. Maybe yes, maybe no, as I don’t know the answer. You can ask them to find out, but depending upon HOW you ask will likely has a lot to do with the answer you get. And, asking girls who are NOT listed in this list about it will just yield confusing responses as if they aren’t on this particular list, they probably know nothing about this particular list. Everyone is welcome at this site. This list is only viewable when logged in and only by a select few VIP fans.

That’s it! I should also mention that there will be a small, blue chat 💬 icon to the middle right side of the picture if the girl has sent you a chat message which you have not yet read. You will also see a list at the very top of the page. Both of those will only be seen when you are logged in.

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New Design Sections Explained