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Joys rent

Joys rent

I was planning to do a News post last night about Joy’s rent situation, but I decided to get some rest and start it today. Chance would have it that the situation has quickly changed.

As you know, Joy suffers from Stage 5 kidney failure, and is unable to work. She can’t get a real job since she spends most of her time at dialysis, and when she’s not at dialysis, she’s has little energy.

She use to sell clothes from her car before the pandemic started, but it really wasn’t worth it for the long hours she worked and the little sales she’d get in a day. The pandemic further made that pointless. You can read some of my other posts about Joy to get more caught up with things as a few other things happened.

As you might also remember, Joy had a contributor here who helped Joy with an additional 5,000 baht over what she made at this site. That ended at the end of last year. I wasn’t worried because we had a plan. I guessed that if Joy posted regularly as she had been, but made her posted more interesting Section 2 and Section 3 pictures, that she should at least be able to pay her rent. I noticed that she had posted regularly for months, but posted few Section 2 or 3 pictures, yet when she did she'd make about 500 for those posts.

So when she asked me to lend her money for a new apartment. I did with her agreeing to post every day, and more interesting posts. I knew that she could quickly be able to pay me back AND have enough money for next months rent if she did because 500 X 30 = 15,000. Even if she posted half that amount, that’d be 7,500 and still enough to cover her rent and to at least slowly start paying me back.

So I lent her the money. You can look at her Blog to see what she did. Or... what she didn't do!

First 2 weeks she did NO section 2 or 3. She posted regularly, but no section 2 or 3 photos. I was busy working so I didn't say anything at first. But at about the 2 week period, I mentioned to her that she was going to be very upset when the end of the month came and there wasn't enough money to pay her rent.

She then did 3 days with Section 3 pictures, and started making money from those. But the rest of the month went on without her posting any Section 2 or 3 until the very end of the month.

So... Rent comes due, and she's asking for help because she doesn't have enough in her account here to pay it. I inform her that it's much worse than that, because what is in her account, she owes ME. So there isn't anything in her account to go towards rent. Now would I be helping her. For the next few hours she's begging and pleading with me for ONE MORE CHANCE. I told her no because she didn't care about following my suggestions which would have generated enough income for her to pay her rent.

She's begging and pleading and crying as she doesn't know what she'll do. I go to bed. Wake up thinking I'll explain the situation to all of you, but I happen to look at her account and what a different a day makes! Her last post had generated enough interested that combined with what she had in her account from last month, she had JUST enough to fully cover her rent AND utilities! As such, I'll let her delay paying me back. I can wait, but if she doesn't follow through on what she says she'll do, I'll take my money first at the end of this month as obviously she doesn't care until the very end of the month comes again.

She promises this month she'll do better with her posts. I told her it's up to her as if there isn't enough money, she's just going to be homeless. If she follows my suggestions, I'm sure she'll earn enough. So... take a look at her posts and send her hearts to help her.

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Joys rent