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Money Loaning Program

Money Loaning Program

I’d like everyone to pitch in with suggestions and thoughts about this. I’ve been meaning to announce this to the girls at this site a few months ago, but I never had a moment to sit to work out the details. It’s the 1st of the month now, and I know some might be needing this so…

I’m going to offer a money loaning program for the girls listed here. The rush became more urgent when I heard that one girl here had too out a small loan at 20% from a shop. Had she asked me, I would have lent her the money at 0%.

I never liked loaning money, but since the start of the site, I have been needing to help a few. This past month alone, I’ve had to help Ann, Aom, Joy, Poy, and Meow with loans as they were in desperate need. Joy and Poy have already paid me back. Ann, Aom, and Meow have paid significant parts back.

I am letting them pay me back from the money they make here. Or they can pay me from other money they get at 0%. The only thing is that I want to make sure to get it back because the money is set aside in a fund that is just for helping those in need. The girls can take out, but must put back in so it’s available for others.

I want to make this a more formal plan, because it’s probably not a coincidence that Ann, Aom, Joy, Poy, and Meow are ALL from Udonthani and close friends of mine. That’s NOT exactly fair to all the other girls.

I want some rules figured out about who can get a loan, how much they can get, when they will need to have it all paid back (that I think will be more closely related to how much they are allowed to get), and things they will have to agree to do to receive it.

Things to do? Ya, like what I told most of the ones I lent to was that they needed to post regularly to their blogs and answer messages from users of this site in a timely manner. Both those things will help increase their ability to pay me back.

Further example, I told Joy that she needed to update her blog with Section 3 photos at least 20 times a month. Actually, I asked HER how often she could and she said every day, I suggested 20 was a more realistic number, and yet she did about 10 with Section 3. She was off to a great start, and got me paid back in full by about the middle of the month, but then she stopped. I anticipate hearing from her soon as she’ll need money to pay her bills.

Section 2 and 3 photos earn the girls more money as users of this site are happy to continue Virtual Hearts for those pictures. Each Virtual Heart costs the user 20 baht, and the girl gets 20 baht for each heart she received. Section 2 usually requires 1 Virtual Heart. While Section 3 requires a total of 5. So a girl will make at least 100 baht for each user that views her entire blog if she has Section 1, 2, and 3 photos.

Yet, I always remind the girls that Section 2 and 3 are optional. I do encourage them to do Section 2, but that’s up to them. Section 3 I never encourage. That’s completely up to them and the only reason I added Section 3 is because girls were posting Section 3 type content in Section 2 and I don’t want that. So, I created Section 3 for those who want to post that type of content.

In case you don’t remember, Section 1 is for casual type photos. Section 2 is more sexy, bra and panty type stuff. Section 3 is anything beyond that. And I ask users of this site to inform me if any girl posts pictures in the wrong sections—like posting Section 3 photos in Section 1 or 2. Or mixing up any of the pictures in the wrong sections.

Posting Section 2 and 3 photos, Joy quickly made decent money through the half way point of the month when she stopped posting Section 2 and 3, and only posted Section 1. That’s fine, but users tend to send more Virtual Hearts on Section 2 and even more on Section 3.

As such, I want the girls to at least agree to post Section 2 if they are borrowing money. And to post regularly. Yet all these things need to be clearly defined so the girls know exactly what is expected.

I’ve set aside 50,000 baht to help them. That money will remain set aside in a fund that will only be used to help those who need it. Those that meet any requirements. I’m thinking be listed here at least 3 months. And maybe even allowing them to borrow any amount up to what the total of their previous 3 months income here was.

Paying me back, as I mentioned, they can pay me back directly at 0%. Part or whole. Just as long as they pay me back. I’ll also allow them to pay from their Cash Outs at this site. What I’ve done for most is taken just 50% of their Cash Outs. That way they keep motivated to keep posting. I figure I can wait to get it back. A few of them I did different arrangements. I’d like to have a set arrangement for all, but maybe have alternative options as some of the arrangements worked better for the girl. Poy for example, I loaned her an additional 100 baht each day and just added to what she owed. That way she had guaranteed money coming in. I know her and knew she’d lose interest if she wasn’t getting money every day, and there were days when she wasn’t making any. So that 100 guarantee kept her motivated. Yet, I didn’t let her Cash Out even 50%.

Ok, that’s enough for now and to get your started thinking. I want to announce this to ALL the girls ASAP. I want to get everything figured out certainly before the next girl needs to borrow money which I am SURE will be very very soon. I’d rather have them borrowing from me at 0% than shops at 20+% interest. Just as long as I get it back, I’m ok. And that money is in a pool / fund which is limited so that will motivate them to pay back into that pool so it’s available for others who have emergencies.

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Money Loaning Program