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Just a few lost fan accounts

Just a few lost fan accounts

A few fan accounts have been mistakenly deleted. The site automatically goes through and deletes accounts that signed up, but never logged in. Something went wrong and the login dates of some accounts got updated as empty when they logged in instead of the current date. That made the site think they never logged in and it removed a few it shouldn’t have.

I’ve prevented that from happening again, but there are a few missing accounts. If you aren’t able to log in, and the Forgot Password link says that your account doesn’t exist, that’s probably what happened.

Just contact me. Tell me:
1) Your Fan ID#.
2) Contact me from the same email address you registered with at this site as I’ll use that email to look up your information.
3) Your User Name you used.
4) Your Color Code.
5) Your Level if you remember that.
6) If you had a balance, let me know approximately what you remember it being as that will help me as to make sure the numbers match.

As much of that information as possible will help me to restore your account faster. For low activity accounts it’ll take me just a minute. Higher activity account might take longer as I piece things together.

Chat messages are stored in a different database table which get removed later, so I stopped that. So, your chat messages will be there as long as you know your ID# or if I can figure it out from the information you give me.

Financial records are also stored in another database table and part in files, but unfortunately per girl for the parts about what you sent which is why it’ll take me longer to piece that together.

This past week and continuing forward, I have been slowly going over ALL the code line by line making improvements related mostly to security. Also improve a few other things as I come across them. This will cause some problems as I change the code from “what worked and had no security problems YET” to “what should be more secure and might work better”, but I’ll try to be much better prepared for the next one. Changing one thing sometimes effects something else elsewhere which takes me time to figure out. For the most part, the issues have just been temporary lasting a few minutes before I can correct them.

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Just a few lost fan accounts