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Welcome our newest Asian Honey Bunny


That’s her real name. Honest! 🤥

All kidding aside, we’d like to welcome our newest friend to the site. This one is friends with Lucky, who you might remember was referred in from Rina, who is friends with Pranee. The branches just keep spreading out further and further and they are baring the most succulent fruit.

Head on over to her profile to check her out. Send her a welcome message in the site Chat.

You can see more pictures and information from this blog post on Honey-Bunny's personal site / Blog tab / Blog entry for this date.

Blog Location: https://Honey-Bunny.MyAsianFriend.com/blog/2023-03-12/Honey-Bunnys-blog-post-for-the-12th-of-March-2023.php

Asian Girl's Name: Honey-Bunny
Age: 32
Height: 161 cm | 5'3
Weight: 49 kg | 108 lbs
Nationality: Thai
Country: Thailand
Town: Pattaya

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Welcome our newest Asian Honey Bunny
Pattaya Thailand