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Did you notice that someone disappeared

Did you notice that someone disappeared

I decided to temporarily remove someone. I won’t mention their name at this time just incase anyone new is coming here looking for her.

Let me explain. She made a lot of money quickly in the day she was listed and I am sure she wanted to get her hands on the funds, but several months ago I added a new rule that a girl can not Cash Out for the first time until she has posted at least 5 blog posts. If they post a blog a day, that’ll be less than a week. Once they hit the 5 post requirement, they can Cash Out anytime just by clicking the Cash Out button and there won’t be any additional delays in the future. That helps deter girls from posting 1 blog and then leaving. That was happening too much. Wasting my time setting them up. It was a big waste of my time. So, if they did leave after just 1 blog post, any money earned will remain with the site and I won’t feel so bad about my wasted time.

Yet, I knew this particular girl needed some money now, so I told her I’d continue to lend her money with each post until she got to the 5 post requirement. At that point she could Cash Out, and pay me back. The site is programmed NOT to allow them to Cash Out until they have at least 5 posts so this would solve that problem.

While I am explaining this to her, she mentions that she won’t be able to post again until the end of the month as she has some money coming in and plans to buy a new phone at the end of the month. She wants to use her new phone to post because the picture quality is so bad with the phone she’s using now. I suggested that bad pictures are better than no pictures and that she should just keep posting. But… I had a feeling so I asked her to explain more about this “money coming” at the end of the month.

Turns out, “someone” is sending her money at the end of the month. Great, but does that someone know you are listed at this site? They probably won’t mind, but you certainly should tell them if they have been helping you.

Doesn’t seem like this occurred to her. So, I decided it best to pause her at this site for now. She did not ask for this pause, but I also want some of the other girls at this site talk to her to make sure she understands everything.

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Did you notice that someone disappeared