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Updated Site Layout

You will notice the layout of the site has been changed. I’ve been working on this day and night for over a week.

Pages are separated, improved, and slimmed down to increase performance. Some of you had been reporting performance issues previously. This should solve those issues.

I’ve checked and seems the important things are working. I didn’t change the Control Panel which handles most of the financial things. The Chat does a few transactional things and I did make A LOT of changes to the Chat, but I checked everything a few times to try to make sure all was working correctly.

There will be issues. I’ll fix them as you inform me about them. Don’t assume someone else will tell me because as I was working on these pages, I found errors from over a year ago which I know all of you noticed every day, but just never told me!

I do know there is an issue with the new Quick Navigation Button on the Favorites page. The last 1/3 of the button takes you back to the Blog List page while it should take you to the Blog Favorites page. I’ll need to sleep on that for a few days to figure out how to correct it as the way it’s programmed, I can’t figure out yet how to do it.

Many of the Help buttons are empty placeholders. I’ll fill those out soon and also update the old ones as they are probably out of date.

Biggest change is that the Chat is now on it’s own page. I also decided to put it at just one location (on the main page) instead of duplicating it at each girl’s subdomain. This decision should help with efficiency.

I’ve made a lot of tweaks to the Chat, fixing things, and speeding things up. Since it’s now located off the main page, once you click to open a chat with a particular girl, clicking that button again will take you to her subdomain (Profile page). You’ll hopefully notice the icon changes from “write” to “go to”.

And, as before, the Chat is live. Mostly. Meaning that if you are in a chat with a girl, any messages she sends will instantly appear without you having to reload the page.

Later, I’ll make the Chat Notification live. This is the panel at the top of the page showing you who has sent you a chat and also informs you when there is a new News item. Page has to be reloaded for it to refresh now, but I’ll make it live when I get a moment.

That Chat Notification is on most pages. I’ll likely add it to any it’s not already on.

Many little updates you’ll notice. Blog counts now display separately the number of pictures in each of the 3 Sections. Someone also reported an counting error with that a few days ago which had been there for months and no one reported. I fixed that so the counts are now correct. Similar, for the hearts.

Navigation is only at the top now. I updated the mobile Navigation button so all items of the domain you are on are listed.

Many other little changes.

I’m going to try to get a little rest.

Suggestions for improvements welcome. And report issues so I can fix them.

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Updated Site Layout