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A New Way To Increasing Chat Credits

Everyone receives a set amount of Chat Credits upon joining our platform. Additional Chat Credits are automatically awarded each time you top-up your account. For every 20 baht you add, 1 Chat Credit is credited to your account.

I intentionally designed Chat Credits to be affordable and easy to acquire, so you don't have to worry about running out. If you actively support the girls through Virtual Hearts or financial contributions, you should have an abundant supply of Chat Credits.

To my surprise, a couple of users recently expressed the desire for more Chat Credits despite having a remaining balance. I found it perplexing how someone could exhaust their Chat Credits while maintaining a balance. It seems they were engaging in extensive chatting without contributing much to the girls. Many of our girls offer additional content, such as photos and videos in their Section 2 and Section 3 blog sections, which can be accessed by sending Virtual Hearts on those specific posts. However, I acknowledge that some girls may not post as frequently in those sections, making it more conceivable to deplete Chat Credits.

Nevertheless, the girls are motivated to log in and respond to chats because they receive Virtual Hearts (money) from users. Therefore, excessively using Chat Credits without offering substantial support through Virtual Hearts is not an effective way to motivate or reward the girls.

Despite my reservations, two users persisted in requesting a method to utilize their remaining balances to purchase additional Chat Credits. After consulting with the girls, I have implemented a solution. You can now send me (Mickey) money, via the Control Panel/Contributing Money section. For each 20 baht you send, 1 Chat Credit will be automatically added to your account.

While it is more beneficial for the girls if you direct your contributions towards Virtual Hearts or directly support them, you are welcome to use this new method to obtain more Chat Credits. Please note that this feature only applies to transactions involving me. Since Chat Credits are already obtained through top-ups, there should be no need for additional credits if you regularly send Virtual Hearts to the girls.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

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A New Way To Increasing Chat Credits