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Server Issues. Problems accessing this site

I couldn’t figure out what I might had done so I did some research to see if other server administrators were having issues as it seems there are many servers throughout the world having issues. Cause seems to be a popular server firewall update.

One administrator said he had automatic updates off so he could manually install updates and be better prepared for problems, yet his servers were impacted. So seems this update went through even for those who did not have automatic updates checked. I do have it checked though, and this is just a type of problem I have to deal with from time to time. Wake up with a new problem having been automatically delivered to you.

I’m looking into workarounds, but I worry that I’ll create a new problem as I attempt to get around this current one. I’m going to proceed carefully as not to mess up something else and be left with a new problem once they finally issue a patch for this current problem.

So, there will just be issues accessing this site at times today and likely tomorrow, maybe longer. Since it’s a firewall issue, you can try changing your IP access, that is working for me. Or just try later.

I access the site always from 3 devices at a time and several windows connected to the site on one of them. Seems the more I do, the sooner the firewall thinks I’m doing something wrong and I get blocked. I just switch back and forth IPs and that tends to work for awhile for me.

Most of you are accessing via dynamic IPs and if you restart your router that usually will grab a new IP. On IOS I imagine you should be able to toggle the Private Wi-Fi Address to the opposite of what ever it’s set and that should change who the server firewall thinks you are.

I’m seeing many users inside the site now, sending hearts, chatting with the girls. And no one is reporting issues (although I can see some are having issues in the log files). So it’s working for most. Understand that you probably will encounter problems, and that the site is NOT down, it’s just blocking YOU at that particular moment while others are fine.

Hopefully they’ll issue a patch soon for the server firewall. I’ll proceed slowly and carefully with some work arounds so maybe I’ll have things working better in time without their patch.

Sorry for the issues you “will” likely during these next few days.

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Server Issues. Problems accessing this site