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Breaking News Our Server Has Had Its Morning Coffee

Breaking News Our Server Has Had Its Morning Coffee

Hey there, our beloved Asian loving users!

First off, apologies for those pesky 500 Server Errors you've been encountering lately. If it's any consolation, they've been a royal pain in my digital side as well. They mysteriously started about two months ago, sneaking in like the mailman sneaks into the side door of your neighbor’s house while the husband is away at work and his wife is home alone. Or should I say “back door” as that’s the action he’s exploring once he gets inside.

To be frank (as if I haven’t been frank enough until now), finding the source of these errors felt a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack... if the haystack was the size of a football field. Initially, the server logs played hide and seek, giving me a grand total of nada in terms of clues. 🕵️

But, fear not! Two months in, with my detective goggles on (and maybe some luck), I stumbled upon the right logs and the correct error, and voila! The error was staring right back looking at me as if to say “What took you so long?” Then began the saga of fixing it. Venturing deep into the belly of the beast (read: using Terminal to SSH in), I tinkered with some super-secret settings that were not accessible via the web based server control panel.

Turns out, our server's like a sports car that we were driving in the kiddie lane. It's supercharged and ready to zoom, but we had some default settings holding it back, fit for a toy car rather than the beast we have.

Good news? I've unleashed the beast! 🚗💨 I'll be under the hood for the next few weeks, tweaking and tuning to make sure we never hit those speed bumps again. And since our little fixer-upper, that 500 Server Error seems to have taken a vacation. Let's hope it's a permanent one!

Stay awesome, and thanks for bearing with us!

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Breaking News Our Server Has Had Its Morning Coffee