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Proper Etiquette

Proper Etiquette

A couple weeks ago I received a request from one of the girls to limit the visibility of their blogs to other girls on this platform. Specifically, it was suggested that each girl only be able to see all the Sections of their own blogs, but not beyond Section 1 of the other girls. This would make them feel more at ease sharing in Sections 2 and 3, knowing that their content was limited in visibility. Sounded reasonable so I made that change.

The reason they could previously see the other sections of each other blogs was so they could learn from what others are posting. However, I had previously limited it to just showing Section 1 and 2 for the others, while I didn't show Section 3. But, as soon as I limited this to just Section 1, other girls spoke up that they liked the new change and they were much more comfortable now. Wish they would have mentioned it before!

Makes sense. Common sense yes?

Well, let me make the same suggestion to all of you. I often hear about some of you sending Section 2 and even Section 3 pictures of girls to another girl. I recommend you don’t. The other girls would prefer that the other girls (many who are close friends of theirs) not to be able to see what they are posting. Please keep it private. Don’t show anyone, don’t send anyone, don’t post anywhere. Common sense yes?

If you really want to show them some suggestions, try getting something unrelated off the Internet which wouldn't be someone they know. Most of the girls here are friends with each other or friends of friends. Try not to embarrass them. If you are sending Section 3 pictures from another girl to a girl to encourage her to share more like that it will have the opposite effect. She’ll assume you’ll do the same with her pictures. You will have much better success convincing the girl to do what you want if you don’t demonstrate a lack of respect for the privacy of the other girls.

To clarify, this message isn't directed at a specific individual. Several users have reportedly made this oversight. The intention is to emphasize the importance of digital etiquette and respect for one another's boundaries. By ensuring privacy and demonstrating respect, we can create a more comfortable and trusting community for everyone involved.

In other words, be more smooth and have more success.

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Proper Etiquette