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Sponsorship We Value Your Thoughts

Sponsorship We Value Your Thoughts

🌟 Sponsorship, Micro Sponsorship, & Virtual Girlfriends: We Value Your Thoughts! 🌟

Hello My Asian Friend Family,

Hope you're all doing fantastic! Today, I'm reaching out with some exciting ideas and, most importantly, I want to hear YOUR thoughts. 🤔💬

We had at least 2 girls leave last month, and looks like another one is about to get sponsored by one of you and might be leaving us. She might stay as a few have and that's where I want your input...

1. Notification for Sponsored Profiles
I'm considering introducing a new feature – a notification on the profiles of our lovely ladies who have sponsors. This is to provide transparency and respect for their sponsors. But, here's the deal: we want this to be a community-driven decision. How do you feel about it? Would this information be helpful? 🌐✨

2. Micro Sponsorships or Virtual Girlfriends
I'm also thinking about a new concept called 'Micro Sponsorships.' This is for those who wish to support their favorite girls with a smaller, yet consistent, monthly contribution. You'd be listed on her profile as a Mirco Sponsor. I think we can come up with Levels. If so, what would it start with? These amounts would start at what? Let's think out loud...If she posted a Section 3 every day, and you paid to enjoy all of those, that'd be just 3,000 baht. 30 X 100 baht = 3,000 baht. Ya, most won't be posting every day, but some do. So... 3,000 baht might be a good place to start. This amount gets you listed as a Micro Sponsor, helps her out, and I can update the code to allow you full access to all her future Section 3s. Again, you'd be listed as her sponsor / Virtual Boyfriend. You can talk to the girl about other things you'd get inaddition to Section 3 access.

3. Full Sponsorship or Real Girlfriend
When you do a full sponsorship of a girl, you are taking care of most or all her needs. She can stay or leave the site. Full sponsorships are completely between you and her. I prefer not to get involved, but can help if needed. The amount is also between you and her. Full sponsorships I've seen in the past have been as little as 30,000 baht for some girls in smaller towns and up to 200,000 baht a month for others. It's up to what you can afford and what she's ok with. I don't get any part of it so this is completely between you and her. Normally for full sponsorships, you just send the money directly to her--no need to go through us, but I am ok helping but you will be paying a small fee for the help.

If she does stay listed at this site, I think we need to mention that you are her full sponsor, but I'll leave that up to all of you.

Your feedback is crucial. After all, this is not just a platform; it's a community, and every voice matters. So, let's hear it!

As always, we're committed to making this space enjoyable, safe, and rewarding for everyone. Let's continue to grow and evolve together!

Stay Connected,

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Sponsorship We Value Your Thoughts