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Welcome our newest Asian Friend named Pita


Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Pita, the newest member of our community, who comes to us from the vibrant town of Pattaya, Thailand. With her rich Thai heritage, Pita brings a unique blend of culture and personality to our diverse and flourishing platform.

Pita is referred to us by Grace who use to be listed, but left us to be sponsored by one of you I hear.

Pita, a proud Scorpio, celebrated her 50th birthday on the 20th of November, standing at 153 cm (5'0'') tall and weighing 45 kg (99 lbs). Her journey of English literacy and spoken skills is at the beginner level, but she is good at using Google Translate.

We encourage everyone to extend a heartfelt welcome to Pita. Engage with her through our site's chat feature, a perfect way to bridge language and cultural gaps with kindness and support. Moreover, show your encouragement for Pita's upcoming blog posts by sending Virtual Hearts to her pictures, a gesture that celebrates her presence and contributions to our community.

Our experienced members, please offer Pita guidance and support as she navigates through the platform. Your insights and encouragement are invaluable in helping her adjust and feel at home among us.

As our community continues to grow with the inclusion of wonderful individuals like Pita, we're reminded of the beauty and strength in diversity. Let's all make an effort to engage with and welcome Pita and others who join us, enriching our collective experience.

You can see more pictures and information from this blog post on Pita's personal site / Blog tab / Blog entry for this date.

Blog Location:

Asian Girl's Name: Pita
Age: 50
Height: 153 cm | 5'0
Weight: 45 kg | 99 lbs
Beast Cup Size: B
Shoe Size: 36
Nationality: Thai
Country: Thailand
Town: Pattaya

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Welcome our newest Asian Friend named Pita
Pattaya Thailand