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Hot and Trending Winners for February

Hot and Trending Winners for February

The winners for February were Rabbit, Ninew, and Kannikar in that order.

@myasianfriend_com The winners for February's Hot and Trending contest. #datingapp #thailand #asiangirl ♬ The Best First Day - ZydSounds

It was a nail-biting race with the #2 and #3 positions changing just a few seconds before midnight!

Rabbit and Kannikar have been in the Top 3 several times. This is Ninew's first appearance in the Top 3 and you should take a look at her blogs to understand why she's now in the Top 3. While she doesn't post Section 3, her Section 2 blogs are well worth viewing. She's also matured a lot since she's been with us and has grown from an ugly duckling that no one was interested in to a super hot model that turns everyone's head.

It's also worth mentioning that both girls in the first 2 spots this month do not post Section 3s. Rabbit use to post Section 3s, and she has some incredible ones, but around the middle of the month she seems to have decided that she doesn't want to post those anymore as she knows she can still stay in the top positions without that. More power to her!

Kannikar posts about 1 Section 3 blog post a week and they are eagerly awaited by the users here as they are truly amazing. She has been buying lingerie and has invested in more professional lighting to really improve her blog posts.

For those who don't know... Below explains how the contest works.

Monthly Hot & Trending Prizes!

Here's how it works:

At the end of each month, the three girls with the highest number of Virtual Hearts will get exciting prizes:

- **1st Place:** Wins 50 Virtual Hearts! 💖 (Worth 1,000 baht)
- **2nd Place:** Wins 25 Virtual Hearts! 💖 (Worth 500 baht)
- **3rd Place:** Wins 15 Virtual Hearts! 💖 (Worth 300 baht)

### What does this mean for them?
Starting the new month as one of the top three means:
- **More Visibility:** They'll be at the top, getting noticed by more people.
- **Higher Earnings:** A head start on earning more Virtual Hearts, which they can exchange for cash.

### Featured Section:
The top 3 will also be featured prominently on our site, following Joy, who is currently raising funds for her medical needs.

We believe this is a wonderful chance for everyone to enjoy the platform even more. Let us know what you think!

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Hot and Trending Winners for February