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Please report girls posting incorrectly

Please report if you see a girl posting incorrectly. Main issues would be if they put the pictures in the wrong sections.

Section 1 is for casual pictures. At the end of Section 1, some girls might put one or two Section 2 type photos as they transition to Section 2. This is ok.

Section 2 is for more seductive pictures usually when you can start seeing any part of the bra or panties. No nudity, no nipples, no bare buttocks, etc…

Section 3 is for anything that contains nudity. If you can see a nipple, bare buttocks, etc… then it should go in this section. Pictures should be posted in order so you might have a few Section 2 type pictures in Section 3, but should be enough Section 3 photos to make it worthwhile spending the 5 Virtual Hearts it costs to view.

Try not to be too strict, but if they are clearly posting incorrectly please use the ⚠️ button to report the blog. Submitting a report will automatically remove the girls profile from the main page until I’ve had a chance to review it. The first person to correctly report will receive their money back for that blog. All other money the girl made on that particular blog will be taken by me so she doesn’t benefit from posting incorrectly. I won’t be returning the money to those who didn’t report the blog because they didn’t take steps to prevent others from paying to see the blog when they knew the blog was not posted correctly.

Particularly keep an eye out for any of the new girls. Most of the girls who have been with us for awhile have learned to post correctly. Some might bend the rules slightly, but I try not to be too strict. It’s the new ones we need to teach to post correctly or else.

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Please report girls posting incorrectly