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X Ray Vision

X Ray Vision

Introducing X-RAY Vision!**

I am thrilled to unveil a truly unique and pioneering development. Harnessing the power of advanced machine learning, I have created an exceptional data model capable of accurately deducing body images from images of the girls in their blogs wearing various types of clothing even when the attire is loose or baggy. In addition, it'll then analyzing skin tone to enhance the accuracy of skin color estimations. The result? Show it a picture of someone wearing clothing and it can accurately undress them.

**A Blend of Technology and Artistry**
The journey began in a photo studio I use to run many years ago where I captured a diverse range of models in both clothed, semi-clothed, and unclothed states. This extensive collection, amassed over many years, has served as the exclusive and foundational training set, amounting to almost 1 terabyte of high-quality images for training data. This vast dataset has enabled me to train a data model to understand a wide array of body shapes when fully clothed with exceptional accuracy. Data models you might have heard of simply transpose other images over your image. My model is completely different and unlike anything I've heard of at least.

**Technical Marvel**
The trained data model itself is impressively compact at just 5 gigabytes. Despite its relatively modest size, it encapsulates the core knowledge derived from my extensive 1 TB of training data. This efficiency enables faster processing times, though it still demands considerable computing power. It's a classic trade-off between speed and cost. On my M2 MacBook Air, equipped with 24 GB of RAM—a highly capable machine—it takes about an hour to produce one usable image out of four generated samples. This process maxes out the system’s resources making it difficult to do anything else on my machine while running it, illustrating the intensity of the task. Alternatively, I can opt to pay by the minute to rent cloud computing power which utilize expensive GPUs. This approach drastically cuts down the time to just a few minutes per image but incurs additional costs and has other drawbacks like the time required to transfer my data model in. I've been rotating back and forth. Renting cloud computing power when I am in a hurry although transferring a 5 GB data model takes time (although I pay to host it in the cloud to speed up the transfer), otherwise setting my machine to process when I take breaks or sleep.

Because of the time and or cost involved, I'll be adding these very sparingly. These images are then layered into an interesting script I created using PHP and Javascript to show an interesting layered effect--see attached example. Feel free to request blog pictures you'd like to see X-Ray Visioned!

I have written the access code, but haven't added it to the blogs yet. The access code I've written so far provides:

(1) Free access to the girls so they can see what has been done to their pictures should they choose to check.

(2) Free access to VIPs and everyone with a Level Platinum or higher--Platinum, Double Platinum, Tripple Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond. However, you first have to access that section, so it's the usual free Section 1 and Section 2 may require 1 Virtual Heart to access.

(3) All others users will need to pay at least 1 Virtual Heart on any picture to access Section 1 X-Ray, and a total of 5 Virtual Hearts for X-Ray Vision to activate in Section 2.

Simply explained, Section 1 X-Ray will turn Section 1 pictures into Section 2 (bra and panty) pictures. Section 2 X-Ray will turn Section 2 (bra and panty) pictures into... well... it'll change them into a birthday suit. Things like tattoos and scars it obviously won't be able to deduce, but everything else should be a fairly accurate deduction.

Be aware, because of the time and or cost involved, I'll only be adding this to a few blogs and likely only 1 or 2 images in that blog. I'll add a large button viewable to all to show if a picture has X-Ray Vision already and you can send requests for photos you'd like X-Ray Visioned!

Your interest will determine how much time / money I invest in this. You can voice your interest by sending the girl Virtual Hearts on images which have this feature. That'll encourage the girl to request I do more for them. Or sending me request for images you want done.

On Desktop, move your mouse around the image. On mobile click around the image. Works better on desktop.

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X Ray Vision