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Terms of Service

This page last updated: 10th of January 2022
Fans / Contributors
Friends / Girls

Fans / Contributors

Limit one account per person. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Don't risk losing your membership by having multiple accounts.

Do not request personal information. The most common reason accounts are suspended or removed is because that fan requested personal contact information to communicate off this website. This includes but is not limited to Line, WhatsApp, Kik, Messenger, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, web addresses which have not been approved, web cam site addresses, etc. Many of the girls at this site do not want to feel pressured or harassed into giving out their contact information. Most will not want to be contacted outside this site.

However, we have a reasonable workaround for you. While you can not request personal contact information, you may give your personal contact information once per girl listed. But, do not entice, coerce, or harass them into contacting you outside the site. A good way to word it would be "Here is my contact information, just in case you want to contact me outside this site for any reason." We recommend you phase it exactly like this, adding nothing more about the topic to avoid making them feel coerced. Avoid common manipulative phases like "I'll make it worth your while." Do not mention the topic more than once with the same girl unless she asks you. Most of the girls listed will not want to give their personal contact information, especially if they don't know you well. If she wants to contact you outside this site, she'll ask you for your contact information or she'll provide her's without you having to ask.

Do not share private pictures / video. Do not share any pictures or videos which are posted in the Private or Paid Area of the Blogs or sent privately to you in the Chat.

Topped-up funds are not refundable. Should you decide to top-up your account to be able to contribute towards helping or showing support for those listed, any funds you top-up are not refundable. Once funds are topped-up into your account, the funds can be used to send Virtual Hearts or transferred to any friend listed, but can not be refunded. Only top-up what you are comfortable as funds are not refundable.

Be respectful. Treat the girls listed here and the staff of this website as you would want to be treated (with respect).

Terms of Service